Diamond Valley
Diamond Valley, videoinstallation, 5 photographs + DVD projection


I took these shots from the Diamond District in New York through the window-displays of shops after closing time, when the goods disappear from the shop-fronts and the displays are left empty. The only thing that remains is the strange architecture of objects, little monuments to luxury.

The scale in these photos can’t be gauged clearly.
A modified scene from the film The Bodyguard /1992/ – it’s a typical film robbery scene. Some of the shots are replaced by a black screen, however. The sound /the dialogue between the actors in the speeding car and the soundtrack/ remain unchanged.

In the same way as I select shots in the process of taking photographs /I release the shutter at the moment that seems essential to me/, I chose moments from the film scene that seemed important to me in implying the fictitious story. I found certain parts of the film scene unimportant – these parts are replaced by a black screen.
In a similar way to how we look at a few photographs and are able to compose our own story out of them, the chance presents itself to reconstruct film action out of a few sequences.

exhibited : Czech Contemporary Art, University of Toledo, Ohio