Solo exhibitions:

  • 2022 – A Burst Dam, Gallery Berlinskej Model, Prague
  • 2022 – Where Is The Eden, facade and Gallery Vzlet, Prague
  • 2020 – Silicones, Fotograf Gallery, Prague
  • 2019 – Oumuamua, AlternativaARCHA, Lubná
  • 2019 – QUARTZ, Gallery 1. patro, Prague
  • 2018 – The Last Footprint & Q: Seconds Before..., Fait Gallery, Brno
  • 2016 – The Rabbit and the Queen, The Prague City Gallery, Colloredo – Mansfeld Palace, Prague
  • 2016 – Silent Game, Czech Center in Sofia, Bulgaria
  • 2014 – Ship, Ship, Slip and Drip (with William Hunt), gallery hunt kastner, Prague
  • 2013 – DDMMYY, Gallery Plataforma Revólver, Lisbon, Portugal
  • 2012 – Shore Patrol, Fotograf festival: Off Limits / Photography in a Public Space, Verdikt, Prague
  • 2012 – Chiliagon (with Jan Šerých), Mem, Brno
  • 2011 – Whale Has Heart Big as Size of a Car (with David Böhm), Fotograf Gallery, Prague
  • 2010 – Fish People, Josef Sudek Studio, Prague
  • 2009 – Next Time, House of Art, České Budějovice
  • 2008 – Eye-Glasses (with guest Martin Vančát), Galerie 35M2, Prague
  • 2008 – Somewhere Else, (with guest David Böhm), Josef Sudek Studio, Prague
  • 2008 – Olive in a Martini (with guest Lenka Vítková), hunt kastner, Prague
  • 2007 – Classic, Šternberk City Gallery, Šternberk
  • 2006 – It’s Starting Again, Prague City Gallery, Old Town Hall, Prague
  • 2006 – Underway, Czech Center, New York City, USA
  • 2005 – Diamond Valley, Gallery G99, Brno
  • 2004 – Cyclone, Gallery Jelení, Center for Contemporary Arts, Prague
  • 2004 – AK Photographs, Gallery XXL, Louny
  • 2002 – “Die Station Sehnsucht” (with Michal Pechouček), Gallery Unsichtbar, Stuttgart, Germany
  • 2001 – The Film’s End, Gallery 761, Ostrava & Gallery Fiducia, Ostrava
  • 2001 – Trip to the Hook, Gallery Malá Špálovka, Prague
  • 2001 – Kyjev / Kiev, (with Jiří David), MXM Gallery, Prague
  • 2000 – House No.9 / Heart Project, Prague-Helsinki 2000, (with Marja Kanervo), Mankkaa, Finland & Palackého náměstí – subway station; Foundation and Center for Contemporary Arts, Prague
  • 1999 – Temporary Person II, Palais Jalta, Frankfurt am Main, Germany
  • 1998 – Temporary Person I., Križanke, Ljubljana, Slovenia
  • 1998 – On the First Floor, Gallery at the White Unicorn, Klatovy
  • 1998 – Temporary Person, Theatre Archa, Prague

Selected group exhibitions:


  • Secondary Archive, Manifesta 14, The European Nomadic Biennial, Prishtina, Kosovo
  • ARTakeaway: " The Next Stop?" subway station, Prague
  • Zone - The 2000s, From the Collection of the Klatovy/ Klenová Gallery, White Unicorn Gallery in Klatovy
  • Divination from a Night Sky Partially Obscured by Clouds/The Role of Photography in the Post-Media Age, House of Photography, Prague
  • Floralia, Museum Montanelli, Prague
  • Through You I See Myself, Dialogues on Portrait, 8smička, Humpolec


  • Fotograf  Festival: Focusing the Independent Publishing Scene: There Is a Riot Going On, Pool Café, Prague (publication An attempt at regaining reality)
  • J & T Banka Art Index, Pop-Up Gallery, Újezd 11, Prague
  • Late Intimacy, Gallery of Modern Art, Hradec Králové
  • Bomma Atelier, Prague


  • Jindřich Chalupecký Society: Intervention #22: Elements, Glassworks František in Sázava
  • Jiří Franta & David Böhm: Vykladači světa, Villa Pellé Gallery, Prague (guest of the show)
  • Six postcards (Jolana Havelková and authors), The House of the Lords of Kunštát, Brno


  • Quodlibet, hunt kastner, Prague
  • ECHO/ Selection from the Fait Gallery Collection, Brno


  • Project for PEXESO (Experimental Theatre Project), Rudolfinum Gallery, Prague
  • Project for DiStO (Theatre of a Static Object), Theatre Minor, Prague
  • The Audience Has Award!! Gallery TIC, Brno
  • Sexposed vol. I (Pride Ride; Soma #16), Sexposed vol. II, PKC, Prague
  • The Last Footprint & Q: Seconds Before..., Fait Gallery, Brno
  • Uncertainty Principle, 4 + 4 days in motion, Desfours Palace, Prague
  • Curated by_Vienna: Wie banal ist das Böse? Gallery Ernst Hilger, Vienna, Austria
  • Confluences 100, Festival of the Centennial Nations` Capitals, National Museum of Romanian Literature, Bucharest, Romania
  • Out of the Blue, Gallery 1st Floor, Prague
  • Art Theorema #1, Salone degli Incanti, Trieste, Italy
  • Sudek, Funke, Drtikol…(Czech and Slovak Photography from the Collection PPF), Regional Gallery of Liberec
  • Apparatus 2.0 : The Unreliable Library, FCCA, Prague
  • Abalienation after a Dictionary, Emil Filla Gallery, Ústí nad Labem
  • Women Photographers, Gallery Klatovy / Castle Klenová
  • Osm, Trafo Gallery, Prague


  • New Acquisitions from the Collections of Prague City Gallery, Municipal Library of Prague
  • One Moment, Gallery Drei, Dresden, Germany
  • Soul Interiors, The Gallery of West Bohemia


  • Irreversible Shift, The House of the Lords of Kunštát, Brno
  • Apparatus for a Utopian Image, EFA Project Space, New York City, USA
  • 4+4 Days in Motion, Municipal Buildings, Prague 1
  • Neighbourhood Boogie-Woogie! Žižkov, Prague
  • Landscape at the End of Time, National Gallery Perla, Vrané nad Vltavou
  • Teorie chlupatého míče, Galerie U Bílého jednorožce, Klatovy
  • Frontiers of Solitude, Fotograf Gallery, Prague; Vysočina Regional Gallery in Jihlava; Skaftfell, Seyðisfjörður, Iceland
  • Reflexe / Jam Session of Pavel Baňka and His Guests,House of Art, Ústí nad Labem


  • Teseract, Gallery AMU, Prague
  • How Not to Want Enything, 4+4 Days in Motion, Desfours Palace
  • I exist... (selfportrait in the contemporary czech fine arts - sample), Gallery 35m2, Prague
  • Distant Observers, The Gallery of Modern Art in Roudnice nad Labem


  • Variable Collection, National Gallery Perla, Vrané nad Vltavou
  • In a Skirt  - Sometimes / Art of the 1990s, Prague City Gallery, The Golden Ring, Prague
  • The Charm of the Still Life, Josef Sudek Studio, Prague
  • Call Me on Sunday, Krinzinger Projekte, Vienna, Austria
  • In a Skirt  - Sometimes, The Moravian Gallery in Brno
  • 7th New Zlín Salon, The Regional Gallery of Fine Arts in Zlín
  • Zone in Motion, DOX, Prague
  • About the Chair, 9th International Biennial Of Photography And Visual Arts, Liege, Belgium


  • The Beginning of the Century 2000-2010, Ostravian gallery, Ostrava
  • The Sea! Why is not here! Regional Gallery of Vysočina in Jihlava
  • Their Photographs, Gallery 5th floor, Prague
  • The Earth Turns And All Things Slip Away, hunt kastner, Prague


  • Ř/ Czech National Identity in Contemporary Art, Gallery AAAD, Prague
  • Film. Directed by Artists / Film in Contemporary Art, Gallery Nitra, Slovakia
  • My Place/the Space of Intertext, Gallery Trafačka, Prague
  • The Beginning of the Century, West Bohemian Gallery, Masné krámy, Pilsen
  • Between the First and Second Modernity (1985-2012),NG, Veletržní Palace, Prague
  • Hidden Publics, Emil Filla Gallery, Ústí nad Labem; Motorenhalle, Dresden, Germany


  • Scenario Strategies, MeetFactory Gallery, Prague
  • Just so Stories, Revolutionary Art Project, Europe House, Tbilisi, Georgia
  • Turned Down, Wannieck Gallery, Brno
  • The Sea Through Which We All Sail, Gallery Chodovská tvrz, Prague; Circulo de Bellas Artes de Tenerife, Canary Island
  • Mutating Medium, Photography in Czech Art 1990–2010, Gallery Rudolfinum, Prague
  • NY / PRAGUE 6, Czech Center, New York City, USA


  • Collected Reflections, Entrance, Karlín Studios, Prague
  • … and Don’t Forget the Flowers, Moravian Gallery in Brno, Pražák Palace, Brno
  • The Lost Highway, (with Tomáš Vaněk), hunt kastner at Villa Reykjavik, Iceland
  • Collectors: The Czech–Slovak Pavilion, Hilger Brot Kunst Halle, Vienna, Austria


  • Jindřich Chalupecký Award, Final 09, DOX, Prague
  • What Lies Beneath, House of Sweden, Washington DC, USA
  • After Velvet, Prague City Gallery, House of the Golden Ring, Prague
  • White Paper, Black Bride, Prague Biennale 4, Karlín Hall, Prague
  • Formats of Transformation 89–09, Seven views of new Czech and Slovak identity, Brno House of Arts; MUSA, Museum auf Abruf, Vienna, Austria
  • Behind the Velvet Curtain: Contemporary Art from the Czech Republic, Katzen Arts Center, American
  • University Museum, Washington DC, USA
  • Czech Photography of 20th Century, Kunst- und Austellungshalle der Bundesrepublic Deutschland,
  • Bonn, Germany
  • Month of Photography, Aktualizacja I., Krakow, Poland


  • The Deep Mystique of TAO, Lidice Gallery
  • When I was a Little Boy I used to Play with Girls, Gallery at the White Unicorn, Klatovy
  • Contemporary Czech Cubism, Prague City Gallery, Old Town Hall, Prague
  • In / Visible, Gallery U Mloka, Olomouc


  • If You Don’t See Me, I Don’t Exist, FUTURA, Prague
  • Glocal Girls: Young Czech and Slovak Women Photographers, Prague Biennale 3, Karlín Hall, Prague
  • Sklerotische Nachbar/i /n, Fluss-NÖ, Initiative für Foto und Medienkunst, Wolkersdorf, Austria
  • Gross Domestic Product, Prague City Gallery, Municipal Library, Prague; MARS Gallery, Moscow, Russia
  • Facelift: 3 Contemporary Czech and Slovak Artists (with Kateřina Šedá and Lucie Nimcová), A.I.R., Gallery, New York City, USA
  • Punctum, Futura, Prague
  • INTERCITY Berlin-Prague /07 Fotographie, Kunst- und Medienzentrum Adlershof, Berlin, Germany


  • UFO, The Images of The Invisible Phenomenon, Photo Forum Pasquart, Biel-Bienne, Switzerland
  • Placing Sense, MUU Gallery, Helsinki, Finland


  • Jindřich Chalupecký Award Finalists, Prague City Gallery, Municipal Library, Prague
  • Cultural Domestication – Instinctual Desire, University of Toledo, Ohio, USA
  • Imprese, Galerie Rudolfinum, Prague
  • INTERCITY Berlin-Prague / 07 Fotographie, Gallery Mánes, Prague
  • Czech Photography of 20th Century, Prague City Gallery, Municipal Library, Prague
  • Insiders, DUMB, House of the Lords of Kunštát, Brno; Futura, Prague


  • Certain Traces: Dialogue Prague-Los Angeles, Šípkárna, Prague; Gallery S.C.A.P.E, Los Angeles, USA
  • Photography ??, Gallery at the White Unicorn, Klatovy; DUMB, House of Lords of Kunštát, Brno
  • Interkosmos 2004, Gallery Raster, Warsaw, Poland
  • Jaromír Funke Award Finalists, Prague House of Photography, Prague


  • Compression, Kolonie Wedding International & Gallery Amanda Deva, Berlin
  • Pal Fiction, Gallery Art Factory, Prague
  • INOUT, International Festival of the Digital Image, Prague-Bratislava-Budapest
  • Survey’03, Futura, Prague
  • Temporary Spaces, Charlottenborg, Copenhagen, Denmark
  • Elektrobot, Home Gallery, Prague


  • It Happened One Night…, Municipal Gallery of Pilsen, Pilsen
  • Politik-Um / New Engagement, Theresian Wing, Prague Castle, Prague
  • 4th Biennial of Young Artists, Prague City Gallery, House of the Stone Bell, Prague


  • Vintage and Contemporary Czech Photography, SK Josefsberg Gallery, Portland; Benham Gallery,
  • Seattle, USA
  • Femme Fatale, Felix Jenewein Gallery, Kutná Hora
  • FOTOK, MEO, Budapest, Hungary
  • No Flash!, Center for Contemporary Arts, Kiev, Ukraine


  • Story, Gallery NoD, Prague
  • Videofashion, Gallery Eskort, Brno
  • The Second Zlín Salon of Young Artists, City Gallery of Zlín
  • On a Free Theme But to the Point, Vacláv Špála Gallery, Prague
  • ÜberlebensKunst, NBK, Berlin; Castle Plassenburg, Kulmbach, Germany
  • Transglobe, Gallery Mánes, Prague


  • 99 CZ, Václavské náměstí 15, Prague
  • Germinations X, European Projects for Young Artists, Kultur-Elzenfeld, Antwerpen, Belgium
  • Crossings, Gallery Rudolfinum, Prague
  • Ordinary Fairy-Tales, Gallery at the White Unicorn, Klatovy
  • Perplex, Václav Špála Gallery, Prague
  • Vidiny, Gallery NoD, Prague


  • Germinations X, European Projects for Young Artists, Gallery Factory, Athens, Greece
  • Body and Photography, First Photographic Festival FOTO Praha – Kolín, Kolín
  • Artwork in Public Spaces, organized by the Foundation and Center for Contemporary Arts, Prague


  • Forum 2000, Theatre Archa, Prague
  • Contacts, The 2nd International Open Air Symposium, Gallery Sýpka, Klenová


  • New Names, Václav Špála Gallery, Prague
  • Istroprojekt, 2nd International Student Biennial of Academies of Fine Arts, House of Culture, Bratislava, Slovakia
  • Moon Faces, Modes Robes, Prague